Mateo Carmona

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I am a Mathematician, working on foundational questions of Topological algebra.— 


Title, Collabs


Title, Collabs


Letter of S Mochizuki

Mathematical difference between the theory of Galois categories/topoi and the theory of Anabelioids

Leitfaden, P. Deligne

Leitfaden of the first two sections of [pdf]

Letter of P. Deligne

Letter of P. Deligne. 6.5.2018 [pdf]
Lettre à P. Deligne, A. Grothendieck 7.8.74 [pdf], [scan]

Carta de C. Contou-Carrère
19 Dic 2020

En relación a la Tesis de O Leroy

[Foundations and Perspectives of Anabelian Geometry]
RIMS workshop, June 28 - July 2 2021

[Combinatorial Anabelian Geometry and Related Topics]
RIMS workshop, July 6 - July 9, 2021

[Toposes online]
School: 24-26 June 2021
Conference: 28-30 June 2021

[Conference on Arithmetic Geometry in honor of Luc Illusie]
Virtual conference, June 7–11, 2021

[Spring school towards a mod p Langlands correspondence]
Essen (online), April 26 - 30, 2021

28 Marzo 2021. Charla online en conmemoración del nacimiento de A Grothendieck

[Introduction to stacks and moduli]
Winter quarter 2021, University of Washington

[The geometry of morphisms and equivalences of toposes]
O Caramello. Oct 26, 27, 30 2020. Online mini-course

La Herencia de la Soledad
Entre Galois y Grothendieck
Charla online por el Aniversario de E. Galois.
25 Octubre 2020.

Évariste Galois
Charla online por la conmemoracion de la muerte de E. Galois,
31 Mayo 2020.

Alrededor del texto “En Guise de Programme”
Charla online por el Aniversario n 92 de A. Grothendieck. 28 Marzo 2020.

¿Qué son las Matemáticas?
(según A. Grothendieck)
Seminario SPECI por la conmemoracion de la muerte de A. Grothendieck,
Universidad de Antioquia, Colombia. 13 Noviembre 2019.

Foundations for almost ring theory, L Ramero and O Gabber

[Thèmes por une harmonie]

A Grothendieck

[SGA 4]
Réédition par F Orgogozo


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